Bufo marinus, Rhinella marina, Chaunus marinus

From "Jungle village", Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia. January 1994.

Guam. December 2006.

Pohnpei, Micronesia. January 2007.
Left: from "The Village", northern Pohnpei.
Right: from a pepper farm on southern Pohnpei.
Sorry for the being repetative but these toads are irresistable.

Both from "Black Rock Lodge".
Belize. February, 2005.

And from Aruba, November 2000.

From Amazonas, 150 km N Manaus on Rio Negro, August 2008.

Novo Airao, 80 km NV Manaus, on Rio Negro, August 2008.

Yungaburra, Queensland, Australia. January 2011.

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