Bufo regularis or Bufo gutturalis. syn. Amietophrynus sp.
Looking at the look and distribution of toads named Bufo gutturalis and Bufo regularis I feel it is very difficult to separate these. I would not be surprised if they are the same species. For east Africa I present them all on this page.

Mara river, Kenya. December, 1994.

Kisumu, Kenya. December, 1994.

Kakamega forest, Kenya. December, 1994.

Kampala, Uganda. January 2012.

Kampala, Uganda. January 2012.

Kampala, Uganda. January 2012.
This toads, also from the garden of Red Hot Chili hostel in Kampala has a very different pattern but I suspect it is the same species.

Mbururu, Uganda. January 2012.

Same toad. Mbururu, Uganda. January 2012.

Also this species? Mburu NP., Uganda. January 2012.

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