"Rana Foto", Prices and conditions for use.

Pictures are supplied under these conditions:

1. Pictures on Rana Konsult's Internet galleries in 400 pixel horisontal size can be used freely for non-commercial web pages and for reports made in schools and universities. They can NOT be used for free in web pages that contain paid ads or ads for the writers own products. They can NOT be used in reports for or web sites of administrations, this includes schools and universities. You may use the pictures as they are (max 400 pixel horizontal and with copyright text embedded) on the Internet. However, you may reduce them to a smaller size.

You must cite the source. As a minimum: "Photo and copyright: Jon Loman." If you add Rana Konsult and/or www.rana.se I do not mind. I expect a copy of any reports or a message with the net site address where the pictures may appear.

2. If you want pictures for use in faunas and similar natural history publications that are not expected to make any profit, this is also free, at least for a limited number of pictures. Please contact me before. In these cases I am usually willing to supply for free (and with the copyright text removed from the picture) pictures in any resolution or format you may need for the publication. I expect a copy of the publication in return.

3. If you want to use the pictures for other purposes the pictures are available at a cost . Prices given below are for a non-exclusive license. You may use a picture you paid for as much as you want in your organization, infinitely. Copyright remains with Rana Konsult and should be acknowledged at publication. If you want more than one picture delivered at the same time there is a discount: 40% for the second picture and 60% for the third to fifth. For larger orders contact me


a. Small size, 400 pixels horizontally, with copyright info embedded. As presented in the web gallery. JPG file format: 300 SEK

b. Medium size, 1200 pixels horizontally (occasionally slightly less), without embedded copyright information. TIFF or JPG format: 500 SEK

c. Larger sizes, suitable for printing. Maximum size for pictures scanned from slides is 5780 pixels horizontally and for those from digital cameras 3900 pixels. Pictures are delivered without embedded copyright information. TIFF, PDF or JPG format: 800 SEK

Pictures are delivered as an attachment to an email. The invoice is also sent as a PDF attachment or, if you prefer, on paper by mail. Larger files can be sent on a DVD if this is more practical. Prices are exclusive of 25% VAT/Moms.

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