"Rana Foto", Herptile photo gallery

Below is a clickable list of stock photos; reptile and amphibia "species portraits".

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NOTE: I am not a taxonomist. The animals on the pictures have been identified from popular faunas. A ? signals I doubt my identification. Also other ids are certainly mistaken. Corrections are welcome. E-mail me!. Anyone using the pictures must rely on own knowledge. I supply the picture and locality info.


Salamandridae Anura
Bufonidae Dendrobatidae Discoglossidae Hylidae Hyperoliidae Leptodactylidae Microhylidae Pelobatidae Pipidae Ranidae Rhacophoridae Chelonia
Chelonidae Chelidae Testudinidae Emydidae Crocodilia
Alligatoridae Crocodylidae Lacertilia
Agamidae Amphisbaenidae Anguidae Chameleonidae Cordylidae Gekkonidae Iguanidae Lacertidae Scincidae Teiidae Varanidae Serpentes
Boidae Colubridae Elapidae Uropeltidae Viperidae
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