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Pictures before 1997 are taken with a Pentax SLR, by now I have forgotten the details. For most reptiles I probably used a 70-200 and later (the 70-200 was stolen in Kenya 1994) a 70-300 zoom lens. In 1997 the whole equipment was stolen in Paris (and with it my pictures from Cozumel). After that I used a Canon EOS 500N (until mid 2007). The most popular lenses have been a 75-300mm IS zoom and a 100mm macro lens. These were stolen (!) in Copenhagen 2011 and have been replaces with a 100-400mm zoom lens and a 150mm macro plus a 60mm macro.

Slides, almost exclusively Kodachrome 200, from these cameras have been scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 5000. My earlier web galleries (created in 1998? and not updated for many years) used commercial scans in the Kodak PCD format but these are rescanned for the new gallery "under" the Rana Konsult home page. Scans are made to an internal resolution of 4000 pixels per inch but output to a horizontal size of 1200 pixel (vertcial for "portrait" format)(regardless of crop). For this web gallery they are resized to 400 pixels horizontally in Photoshop. Also, other modifications have been made in Photoshop. My favorite commands are "Shadow/Highlight" and "Sharpen". Although I use the latter with care some may prefer I did not at all. I also add a copyright note. The slides are scanned to .TIF and manipulated as such in Photoshop. For the web gallery they are exported as .JPG.

A slow start with digital photography was made in 2004 when I bought a Canon A80. Picture file names from this camera begin with A80.

From summer 2007 I use a Canon 400D digital camera. Files from this camera begin with a D or 400D. Most pictures are made in Canon raw format (.CR2). In 2010 I added a Canon 7D to the equipment.

I began underwater photography in 1997, using an Ikelite house for my Canon EOS 500N and Kodachrome film (Usually Kodachrome 200). I used this equipment under water for 12 years but later changed to Fuji Sensia 100 film. I wish I did that long ago. Most pictures were taken using the 28-80 mm Canon zoom lens but I occasionally also used the 100 mm macro under water. I have an Ikelite SS50 and (since 2001) a SS200 UW flash. Usually I only used the SS200 but occasionally both.

2009 I begun digital under water photography. The 2008 pictures from Galapagos was with a borrowed system (Canon A640). I now use my Canon 400D housed in a Sea&Sea uw house. I use two Sea&Sea YS110 flashes. I use a 17-85 zoom lens or occasionally my old Canon 100mm macro lens. After much of my equipment was stolen in 2011 I replaced the 100mm macro lens with a 60 mm macro and added a 10-20mm zoom.

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